It wasn’t until after working many years as an Operating Room nurse at Baptist Hospital (better known today as St. Thomas Hospital Midtown) that Betsy decided to seek real estate as a profession - mostly in order to have some flexibility in raising her two sons. Fortunately, the same reassurance that she would give to patients facing first-time surgery was helpful with apprehensive first-time home buyers.  

“For me, real estate is not just about making a deal,” she said. “It’s about looking out for the best interests of the client and reassuring them that there’s a really great outcome on the other side.  I want purchasing a home to be a gratifying experience for them.”

Since 1999 Betsy has known that purchasing a home for the first time can be a daunting experience. Unlike other agents - she is all about truly caring for those she is assisting.

Betsy appreciates a home that represents a sanctuary for everyone. What she loves most about real estate is truly caring about her clients - who are more like friends - to make the home purchase a positive experience.